Weight of plane is 1797 lbs, useful load 1403 minus 84 gallons fuel-504 lbs, useful load with full fuel - 899 lbs,

It had damage to right gear leg in 2005 & a skin panel replaced in 2014 or 15 due to a dent.

The IO-470 burns anywhere from 12.5 gal/hr up high-10,000 ft to 14.9 gal/hr down low around 3,000 feet at 24 square, cruise is 138 knots. It's a Western Skyways Gold Medal engine.

It has real leather seats that I had installed. The middle seat is bench seat with removable back, bottom bench comes out via 4 bolts. I don't have the 5-6 seat installed but it is a bench as well. I did not recover it when I put the new leather in. It is really unusable if installed, maybe a kid could fit.

It does not have an extended baggage installed.

History - plane was in Uraguay from 1961 to 2005. New US owner installed new engine, it failed shortly after installed, landed in a field and damaged right gear. Plane then totally overhauled, new engine, new prop, new paint, new cables, repaired. I installed a P-ponk kit on the gear. Flies straight, better than any Cessna I have ever owned.

I can send scanned log files. I have the Uraguay logs and they have been translated, but they don't say much. They fill out logbooks different than we do in the US so I didn't scan them.

Pretty much a squawk free plane. I just replaced the muffler. A good VFR plane. For IFR it's going to need a few instruments. I just want a cross country plane that's fast and full IFR.

Price: $105000
Year: 1961
Model: 185
Registration #: N9803X
Serial #: 185-0003

CESSNA C-185 • $105,000 • FOR SALE OR TRADE • 1961 C-185, Serial #185-0003. TT: 3027.8, TSMOH 345.0, Western Skyways IO-470-F. New propeller when engine installed. Garmin 300, Garmin 340 Audio panel, JPI fuel flow meter, engine monitor, BAS tail handles, BAS shoulder harness, P-ponk kit, door stewards, new leather seats, new carpet, new 4" bubble side windows not installed, new tires, 2 sets of front seats, engine preheat. Many more mods. Located at KDTN. Possible trade for A-36, B-55, B-58.

Jay D. Smith

  • 318-458-0227Shreveport, LA


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